Sullivan Property Consultants

Company Profile

The retail, commercial and industrial property sector is a specialised asset class.  Brian Sullivan has specialised in this sector for over 25 years.  A qualified Valuer, with substantial experience in the acquisition, asset management, leasing, sale and valuation of retail commercial and industrial property, Brian formed Sullivan Property Consultants in 2010.  The aim of the company is to help guide our clients to better investment decisions in the retail, commercial and industrial sector in Western Australia so they may enjoy the benefits of this asset class.

Our services include:

• The formation and management of syndicates and trusts to invest in retail, commercial and industrial property in Western Australia;
• Property advise;
• Property management and leasing;
• Asset management;
• Property acquisition and due diligence.

Should you wish to register to receive details of our property trusts and syndicate opportunities when they arise, or should you require property advise, management or acquisition (including due diligence services) please do not hesitate to contact

Brian Sullivan
Phone: +61 8 9438 1599
Postal Address: PO Box 160, PALMYRA  WA  6957